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  • Financial Modeling Prep

    Financial Modeling Prep

    FMP cloud provides the most up-to-date financial statements and market data, and guidance to use them.

  • Marcela Mion

    Marcela Mion

  • Joseph Vito DeLuca

    Joseph Vito DeLuca

    Founder of Yellow Cat Five, Kambr Marketing Executive. Puck lover. Broncos fanatic. Content junkie. Tech enthusiast. Proud ginger. Airlines.

  • Tyler Rouze

    Tyler Rouze

    Analyst @ Ecolab| UMN Engineer

  • Ruud Voost

    Ruud Voost

    Web/app designer and front-end developer who enjoys (creating) digital experiences

  • Thiago Evoá

    Thiago Evoá

    A simple Flutter dev learning everyday.

  • Rafael Salem Gazze

    Rafael Salem Gazze

  • Marco Neves

    Marco Neves

    Teacher. Translator. Father. There's something else I can't remember. www.certaspalavras.pt/marconeves

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