In today’s story I’m gonna teach you how to collect data to implement programmatic ways of evaluating a business at a financial level and determining whether the current price of a company’s stock reflects the future value of the company.

Fundamental analysis uses different factors such as the current economic environment and finances of the company to estimate its stock value. Different key ratios are also used to determine the financial health and understand the true value of a company’s stock.

If you’re new to Python and don’t know how to get started I recommend you first read my concise…

Em seu livro, “Pense e Enriqueça”, Napoleon Hill descreve dois tipos de pessoas. Um deles é conhecido como líderes enquanto o outro é conhecido como seguidores. De acordo com o autor, é preciso decidir se você quer ser um líder ou um seguidor e ter a consciência de que um seguidor não pode ter expectativas razoáveis de obter a compensação a qual um líder fará jus.

Napoleon ainda diz que não há desgraça alguma em ser um seguidor, mas que permanecer seguidor não lhe atribui crédito algum. …

If you are used to (or at least done some research) scheduling tasks in Kotlin or Java by using the Spring Framework, you’ve probably seen the @Scheduled annotation.

That’s fine, you can annotate a method, define a fixedDelay or a fixedRate or a Cron Expression and your method will be run following these rules.

@Scheduled(cron = "0 15 10 15 * ?") 
fun scheduleTaskUsingCronExpression() {
val now = System.currentTimeMillis() / 1000
println("schedule tasks using cron jobs - $now")

That’s a nice and clean way of scheduling tasks and has done the job for me for the past years. I…

Cézar Pauxis challenged logic and poverty to become a prodigy in the software development field. At the age of only 17 years old, he was hired by the biggest Brazilian electronic payments company.

On the basis of improvisation and perseverance, as shown by his ‘workstation’, Cézar Pauxis learned to program — Photo: Cézar Pauxis via BBC

“I had a device that would overheat so quickly I had to put it in the freezer. There were others I could only use part of the screen.”

Cézar Pauxis describes the routine of “problematic relationships” with many of the second hand mobile phones he had during his teenage year — the only ones that fit his family budget.

But it was through workarounds and perseverance that…

In this tutorial you will learn how you can connect your Spring Boot application to a Elasticsearch instance using Spring Data and SSL.

If you still don’t have an instance of Elasticsearch running, you can check one of my previous stories and find out how you can deploy a secure one on Kubernetes with SSL:

We will be going through:

  • Set Up Spring Data Elasticsearch
  • Configuring Spring Data Elasticsearch
  • Defining a Document
  • Implementing a Repository
  • Performing Basic Operations

Set Up Spring Data Elasticsearch

For this tutorial I will assume you already have a Spring Boot Application running. …

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and even though it is easy to learn it has all of the power and resources necessary to get advanced work done. Ready to get started?

Downloading & Installing Python

Installing Python is an easy thing to do. Just go to and download the latest version for the operating system you are currently using. Then, regardless of the operating system you are using, just execute the downloaded file and go through the steps of the installation leaving all options as default.

In my previous stories I covered how we can Deploy Kibana and Elasticsearch using Elastic Cloud On Kubernetes (ECK) and how we can Deploy Logstash and Filebeat using Elastic Cloud On Kubernetes.

In today’s story I’m going to cover how we can deploy Heartbeat, one of the key tools of the Elastic Stack and the one that makes sure all your hosts are still up by asking them a simple question: Are you alive? Heartbeat then ships this information to Elasticsearch with other information for further analysis.

If you still haven’t got Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash deployed, make sure you…

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can download the result of a BigQuery query into a CSV file in our computer by using Kotlin, the Java BigQuery API Client Library provided by Google and the OpenCSV Library.

Let’s get it Started!

Set Up

You should start by setting up authentication to run the client library. You can do it by following the official documentation.

For examples purposes, I will start a new Kotlin project using the Gradle Build Tool and add the BigQuery and the OpenCSV dependencies:


Function To Fetch The Result

We will use the Shakespeare sample data table…

The easiest pattern to be implemented in Kotlin (only one line needed) is also very controversial. Although many people claim that the singleton pattern is actually an anti-pattern and frequently misused, in this story we are going to see how we can implement it in Kotlin and that it can be very useful when used appropriatelly.

What is a Singleton?

Singleton specifies that only an instance of a given class can exist and it will be used by the whole application. Thus, we have a single and global point of access to this object.

When you should use the Singleton Pattern

It should be used when you need to control concurrent…

Everything is working fine, your Elasticsearch instance is running, being fed by your Logstash instance with all these nice filters you have set and all the stakeholders are able to see all this precious information on Kibana. Furthermore, everything is running on Kubernetes, this is the perfect world.

And then this happens… You are requested to filter logs with a pattern you haven’t seen before. You go through the library of pre-defined Grok patterns and you cannot find the one you need. Oh boy, you will have to create a new one, is that even possible?

You do some research…

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