One of the most critical parts of any Airline Revenue Management -Application is the integration with the Passenger Service System (PSS). The PSS is at the core of an airline’s IT infrastructure and is responsible for managing customer interactions with airlines.

As you might expect, problems with PSSs might paralyze…

If you prefer, you can find this content as a video in the end of this story.

In this story you will learn how to start a Elasticsearch Docker container with two nodes and SSL/TLS encryption. We will use Docker Compose to manage the containers.

Preparing the Environment

Let’s get started by creating…

In today’s story I’m gonna teach you how to collect data to implement programmatic ways of evaluating a business at a financial level and determining whether the current price of a company’s stock reflects the future value of the company.

Fundamental analysis uses different factors such as the current economic…

Em seu livro, “Pense e Enriqueça”, Napoleon Hill descreve dois tipos de pessoas. Um deles é conhecido como líderes enquanto o outro é conhecido como seguidores.

If you are used to (or at least done some research) scheduling tasks in Kotlin or Java by using the Spring Framework, you’ve probably seen the @Scheduled annotation.

That’s fine, you can annotate a method, define a fixedDelay or a fixedRate or a Cron Expression and your method will be…

Cézar Pauxis challenged logic and poverty to become a prodigy in the software development field. At the age of only 17 years old, he was hired by the biggest Brazilian electronic payments company.

On the basis of improvisation and perseverance, as shown by his ‘workstation’, Cézar Pauxis learned to program — Photo: Cézar Pauxis via BBC

“I had a device that would overheat so quickly I had to put it in the freezer…

If you prefer, this tutorial is also available in video format. You can find it down below.

In this tutorial you will learn how you can connect your Spring Boot application to a Elasticsearch instance using Spring Data and SSL.

If you still don’t have an instance of Elasticsearch running…

Python is one of the most popular programming languages and even though it is easy to learn it has all of the power and resources necessary to get advanced work done. Ready to get started?

Downloading & Installing Python

Installing Python is an easy thing to do. Just go to and download the…

In my previous stories I covered how we can Deploy Kibana and Elasticsearch using Elastic Cloud On Kubernetes (ECK) and how we can Deploy Logstash and Filebeat using Elastic Cloud On Kubernetes.

In today’s story I’m going to cover how we can deploy Heartbeat, one of the key tools of…

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can download the result of a BigQuery query into a CSV file in our computer by using Kotlin, the Java BigQuery API Client Library provided by Google and the OpenCSV Library.

Let’s get it Started!

Set Up

You should start by setting…

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